ISO 14001 Certification

Introduction to AKTIO Corporation’s acquisition of ISO 14001 certification.

Our Technopark has obtained certification from the international environmental management standard "ISO 14001".
It is our sincere desire to continue to provide services of the best quality to satisfy your needs, and we look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship.

[ Details of Registration ]
Registered number E02-276
Registered sites
(Name and address)
AKTIO Corporation

EG Techno Park Factory
1196-1 Inari, Tsuga, Fujioka-cho, Shimotsuga-gun, Tochigi, Japan
Submersible Pump Regional Center
1353 Kinokami, Tsuga, Fujioka-cho, Shimotsuga-gun, Tochigi, Japan
Kita Kanto Techno Park Factory
1124-1 Inari, Tsuga, Fujioka-cho, Shimotsuga-gun, Tochigi, Japan
(Activities) Reproduction of shielding machine, communication system & surveying instrument, ventilating fan, air compressor, water-treating equipment, submersible pumps, equipment for construction, general-purpose machine, heavy epuipment, generator, construction machine, and environment-related equipment.
Applicable standard JIS Q 14001:2004(ISO 14001:2004)
Expiry Date 2020.8.22
Fifth recertification 2017.8.23
initial certification 2002.8.23
  Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories