Message from Our President

A message from Mitsuo Konuma, President of AKTIO Corporation.

Mitsuo Konuma,President of AKTIO Corporation

Mitsuo Konuma,
President of AKTIO Corporation

AKTIO Corporation is a pioneer in the construction equipment rental business. Concentrating on submersible pumps and generators, we have grown to become a leading company in the market.

Establishing partnerships with many construction firms, including the top general contractors of Japan, we provide rental solutions for all fields of construction—from large public works projects to construction work of office buildings and ordinary residences.

Simple as it is, the term “rental” implies a meaning of unimaginable widths and depths. We always aim to meet the demands of our customers with first-class speed, accuracy and efficiency. In order to achieve these results in the rental industry, we must always seek for available information and capture every existing need.

Using both our headwork—centered on know-how in the construction equipment rental business—and our footwork—based on our nationwide network of offices and plants—we intend to achieve a rental service offering reliability and the best propositions. Furthermore, we aim to create benefits for society and the people through high quality rental services.